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Welcome to Bende

Professional Dog Sport Equipment

We are proud to be the official dealers for the Hungarian brand BENDE, which has produced high quality dog sport equipment for over twenty years.

BENDE provides high-quality products in the field of canine training. Extreme care in finding the best materials and attention to detail and ergonomics mean that BENDE has bean considered internationally as an ideal partner since 1985 by those who use the products for the dog sport and professional use.

You will appreciate BENDE's attention to detail in its products, ergonomics, practicality and ease of use, but most of all you will be satisfied when you use them out on the field. One of the main objectives of the company has always been to work directly with leading international experts and competitors in the Dog Sport field to have products that give you professional results.

Austria, Norway, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, are just some of the countries where Bende is a recognized widely. BENDE is considered an ideal partner by dog trainers and helpers for the care and finesse that distinguish its products which are constantly changing in changing Dog Sports and Civil Dog Work.

We have a NEW number 079 027 2999

Featured Products

View Our Featured Products
  • Bende Training Vests and Rain Proof Pants
  • Sprenger Fur Saver, Leather Harness, Rubberised Colour Lead
  • Helper Scratch Pants and Trial Jacket
  • 0652 Italian Style Rian Pants
  • IPO dumbells
  • 099B Quality Working Vest
  • Popular Rubber Leashes
  • IPO Dumbells - 650g; 1kg and 2kg
  • 015 Sport Protection Arm
  • 015X Sport Protection Arm Type-X
  • 042 Jute Covers for arm 011 - 017
  • Rear Escape 4 Pole Hide - comes in red, grey and black
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