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OUR Females

Our Females

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Skyla (Female)


Name: Skyla of Hausbende

Born: 02-10-2016

Description: Sable GSD

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Marina Vom Grafental of Hausbende (IMP GER) - HD A+, ED-Normal (Barras Vom Grafental / Dori Vom Grafental)

Sire: Furst Von Der Angelika of Hausbende (IMP GER) - HD a normal, ED 0 (Gerry Von Weltwitz / Cita Vom Kranich's Hof)

Page of Hausbende (Female)


Name: Page of Hausbende

Born: 18-08-2018

Description: Solid Black | 100% DDR Lines - Home bred

Weight: 28kg | Height: 57cm

Hip & Elbow Results: HD:A2/B1 (Fast Normal) / ED:00

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Zecke Vom Ludwigseck of Hausbende (Imported DDR)

Sire: Knurri’s Walko of Hausbende (Imported DDR)

Page is extremely high drive with a natural civil aggression, solid nerves and the confidence to match. Loves working, loves playing but dislikes strangers. Stable and level headed and very protective. Solid and strong bone structure.

Pedigree link: Click here

Rudaric Hayla of Hausbende (Female)


Name: Rudaric Hayla of Hausbende

Born: 16-08-2018

Description: Bi Colour | West German x DDR Lines - Home bred

Weight: 25kg | Height: 57cm

Hip & Elbow Results: HD:B1/B1 (Fast Normal) / ED:00

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Hausbos Shasha of Rudaric – West German

Sire: Hausbende Knox – 100% DDR

Hayla is the class clown, a very happy go lucky girl. Medium to High drives. Stable nerves and very level headed. She is tall and lanky making her really good in agility. Well socialsed and loves playing around with a ball or stick.

Pedigree link: Click here

Valentino of Hausbende (Female)


Name: Valentino of Hausbende

Born: 10-11-2019

Description: Sable | 100% DDR - Homebred

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Vanda Vom Ludwigseck of Hausbende (Imported DDR)

Sire: Knurri’s Walko of Hausbende (Imported DDR)

Vally is a very lovable girl. Nerve is a bit high. Medium drive. Loves playing with balls and cuddling. She is finely built and will excel in agility. Fast and determined. We look forward to seeing what she will turn into once she is fully developed. Currently in training for her BH.

Pedigree link: Click here