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Wasko (Male) - Hips A+; Elbows Normal; DNA proven; AD & BH


Name: Wasko Vom Ludwigseck (Wasko)

Born: 27 September 2012

Description: Bi-colour GSD | 100% DDR German Import

Weight: 36kg | Height:  65cm

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Andra Vom Grafental - SchH1; Hips and Elbows A+; DNA Proven; V (Ron Vom Ludwigseck / Dori Vom Grafental)

Sire: Ayko Vom Ludwigseck - SchH3; Hips and Elbows A+; DNA Proven; V (Esko vom grafental / Quecke Vom Ludwigseck)

Wasko is a very large boned, strong male with high civil aggression.  No nonsense male high in protective instinct.  Very dominant, medium drive, level headed boy.  So far he has produced offspring that have been substantial in size and bone, good, strong drives with a few training for IGP and PSA.

Link to Pedigree: Click here

Walko (Male) - Hips A+; Elbows Normal; DNA proven; AD & BH


Name: Knurri's Walko (Walko)

Born: 19 January 2012

Description: Sable GSD | 100% DDR German Import

Weight: 40kg | Height: 67cm

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Voxi Von Der Old Lady - SchH3; Hips Normal; Elbows Normal (Robby von der Moschel / Penny von der Old Lady)

Sire: Bill Vom Kranich's Hof - SchH3; IPO3; FH2; A+ Hips; Elbows – Normal; DNA Proven; V (Trux Vom Haus Iris / Gitta Vom Anhalter Hof)

Walko is a very steady, strong, level headed male.  Thick boned, block head, short muzzle.  He is very high drive, keen sense of smell.  Very loving and willing to please.  He is the Alpha male in the pack and enjoys raising the young babies.  He is very sociable and loves teaching all the newbies the ropes.  Very good with children and all other animals, very patient and kind.  He has produced high drive offspring with very rich colour and good solid bodies.  They are excelling in protection work as well as agility.

Pedigree link: Click here

Beau of Hausbende (Male)


Name: Beau of Hausbende

Born: 22-06-2017

Description: Sable GSD | 100% DDR Home bred

Weight: 40kg | Height: 72cm

Registered: KUSA

Dam: Rannie vom Grafental - IPO3; HD Normal & Elbows Normal (Array vom Ludwigseck / Dori vom Grafental)

Sire: Wasko vom Ludwigseck of Hausbende - Hips A+; Elbows Normal; DNA proven; AD & BH (Ayko Vom Ludwigseck / Andra Vom Grafental)

Beau is a very large, solid, thick boned male.  He has high drives and can at times be a little unpredictable with strangers.  His protective instinct is very high and he is very dominant.  Civil aggression runs very high and he is very strong.  We look forward to what he will be producing in the near future.  He is currently training for his BH and IGP1

Pedigree link: Click here