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Bende / Hausbende was started by some friends back in 2012. Initially it started with a group of 5 x German Shepherd dogs that our friend Mark bought to protect his property and the surrounding Kraaibosch area in George as the crime started escalating on those plot areas. With another of our friends expertise in training and manwork the Vision was born. It was soon relevant that the correct training equipment was needed and so they approached Bende in Hungary to become the sole supplier in South Africa which was approved. I was at that stage working with the Radermachers horses and soon got roped in to heading up the Equipment section. Left to my own demise I had to start doing research and visiting known clubs around South Africa to start gaining knowledge of what equipment is needed for each and every specific need. I travelled to meet many club members and to show them the equipment and so on to get them onboard. It cost hours on the internet looking up clubs in South Africa phoning and emailing each one that would listen. Many Kilometres were travelled setting up stalls at various shows. And so Bende was born.

It wasn’t long after that we were donated our first Black and Tan stud male Yargo of Annenburg and purchased our first Bitch to compliment him, joining the GSD Federation and setting myself on a course of Genetics and Reproduction. We quickly learned though that the Show Ring was not our Forte and therefore started doing research on the sport line German Shepherd Dogs. With many hours of research and seminaars led by Grant Higgo, Jean Luc and John Swartz the decision was made to purchase our first Sport line Breed Pair and register with KUSA – Osca Vom Stoerstrudel out of the lovely Gambol of Vita Sinor was acquired with the help of my friends and Ruschka of Santorini and this was to form the base line for our breeding programme, aiming to breed a strong, level headed, intelligent and protective GSD companion that would excel in the working environment. BUT our aim for excellence didn’t stop there. We went on to research and locate some of the old DDR Breeders in East Germany and after 8 months of tireless hours of verifying and head scratching we came accrose Mr Mirko Fasold who’s passion for the DDR line ran in his family for 4 generations. And so our main base line was acquired in 12 x DDR Imports – AND Hausbende was born! In 2016 all my hardwork finally paid off and Mark Radermacher agreed to hand the reins over to me.

Our passion is the Breed. We strive to breed a German Shepherd that not only protects but is equally level headed, good with Children and free from the health issues that are plaguing the Shepherd in South Africa.

Charlene Hart:  Owner & trainer


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Gia Sciocatti:  Trainer


She’s been involved with dogs since the age of 14. Her mom breeds Boerboels and so she grew up whelping and raising pups aswell as showing Boerboels.

In 2016 she got involved in Border Collies, showing, obedience, breeding and agility in the Border Collie World under the Kennel Name: Edenboders

She has done various courses incl: basic body conditioning, grooming and tricks and training.

Knowledge Muringa


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Elwin Uithaler


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